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Google Empowers India With Groundbreaking Earthquake Alert Service
In a monumental move aimed at enhancing public safety, Google has officially unveiled its innovative earthquake alert system tailored exclusively for Android
Google Expands Search Generative Experience (SGE) To U.S. Teens
Google expands its AI-based Search to U.S. teens, emphasizing safety and education, while continuing to refine the technology.
How To Download Google Translate Audio
Learn how to easily download audio files from Google Translate for offline use with this step-by-step guide. Experience seamless language learning and translation on the go!
Explained: This is how Google earthquake alert system will work in India
New Delhi, Sep 27 (VOICE) One of the most frequent natural disasters are earthquakes, which is why having an early warning system can be vital in ensuring people's safety, and to address this issue, Google has introduced an "Android Earthquake Alert System" in India to provide users with an early warning when earthquake shaking begins.
Google brings Android Earthquake Alerts System to India
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