A letter from David Hughes, Founder and CEO of ZOOMERAL, Inc.


ZOOMERAL was founded and exists because of my personal experiences as an individual and a business owner successfully raising capital from Traditional Banks and Venture Capital. For the financing I acquired from these establishments, I had no way of knowing if I was paying more than I should have been. Arranging for financing often felt bleak, time-consuming, and very costly.


ZOOMERAL’s exists because no one should pay more than their fair share and it’s time for us all to put an end to predatory lending and lender discrimination. I believe everyone and every business should equally have access to the money they need at the very best rates and terms. Absence of adequate financial resources places unnecessary stress on one’s personal life and business operations, and many individuals and businesses are paying much more than they should each month. Although many lenders know which of their borrowers qualify for better rates and terms, they will never simply volunteer these cheaper rates unless they think they could lose your business.


No one should have to endure suffering or worse simply because they can’t secure money at the best competitive rates and terms available. Everyone deserves “Financial peace of mind” which is a state of mental and emotional calmness, with no anxiety, stress, or worry. It can be a sense of contentment, serenity, and a feeling that everything is in order and under control. Achieving and maintaining financial peace of mind should be a common goal for everyone, as it contributes to overall well-being and mental health.


There are those fortunate enough to have access to the money they need at the lowest rates and terms, but the industry’s inefficiencies will continue driving up costs and terms that these individuals and their companies pay, making getting ahead very confusing, expensive, and challenging.


ZOOMERAL solves these industry challenges in safe ways and gives a competitive edge for all of our subscribers. Within our directory you will have the safety of anonymity which rules out lender discrimination and because our platform brings constant every day competition, predatory lending cannot survive. There is always a hungrier lender!


Shockingly, in the USA, it’s not unusual for disadvantaged populations to suffer from lender discrimination and predatory lending practices. Traditional Banks and other private equity lenders fail to check which customers are paying too much, so lower rates are almost never offered. It feels as though lenders just want us to pay on time without asking questions, and the more a person or business needs money, the more expensive and challenging it is to acquire. ZOOMERAL is a directory that is designed to create perfect competition for capital each and every day while our borrowing subscribers remain safe and anonymous. In addition to anonymity, our profiles do not list streets or street addresses, eliminating the possibility of lender discrimination. Regarding predatory lending practices, they cannot survive within a competitive market, so we created a financial structure that works for the people and the businesses they own.


Our goal is to dramatically reduce the cost of capital for everyone and every business. In addition, we emphasize transparency to the rates lenders charge so our subscribers go to bed each night knowing that they aren’t paying too much – and if they ever do, something can be done about it quickly until it’s resolved. Everyone deserves to know they are getting fair interest rates.


Our subscription plans exist at a flat monthly or annual rate. Additionally (and even better), we take a portion of what our lenders pay to subscribe and give it back to our subscribers by way of a third party that runs programs to help both individuals pay off high interest credit card debt and businesses pay off toxic high interest rate merchant cash advance debt. We charge subscriptions so we can continue to run the company and invest in disrupting the pricing of as many predatory lenders as we possibly can.


ZOOMERAL disrupts the financial industry and ends unreasonably high interest rates and troubling terms. Thanks for your support, and we hope to see you on ZOOMERAL where lenders will have to compete every day to earn and keep your business – the way it should be!

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Startup & Early Stage Businesses

If you need to raise capital to start your business, you can raise everything you need with our proprietary processes and methods. Our management team has proven experience. We have been in your shoes and know how to get results. After you get all of the funding you need we will keep working for you as you grow.

Small To Middle Market Businesses

We specialize in growth capital and always ensure that you never pay too much for anything you have. Our management team has vast experience with traditional banks, venture capital, family offices, and all other forms of institutional lenders. Capital cost is vital in that it can make or break a company.

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Large Private & Public Companies

A large capital stack demands to be constantly monitored and maximized. Do you have the right one? Whatever you pay now can be bettered tomorrow. It’s always our job to find the lowest-cost capital providers. Join us and find out how we can help you lower your cost of capital and gain access to more.

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