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Simply Pay For Your Lender Account Activation

Simply Activate Your Lender Account Below To Gain Future Access To Your Activated Lender Dashboard. Your Payment Purchases A Vetting Service, A One Year Of Digital Data Storage Account, And A One Year Lender Subscription. As With All Other ZOOMERAL Products And Services, We Have A Strict No Refund Or Partial Refund Policy In Place. After Your Payment Has Been Successfully Processed, Your Materials Will Be Forwarded For Review By Our Third Party Legal Team. This Is A Required Step For Lender Account Approval. Once The Legal Team We Use Approves Your Status, We Will Notify You And Your Account Will Be Activated Immediately. In The Event That You Do Not Qualify As Any Type Of Allowed/Qualified Investor/Lender, By SEC Rules And Regulations, Then You Will Be Notified By ZOOMERAL And Be Given Instructions As To What You Need To Put Into Place To Qualify In The Future. Again, Even In This Instance, We Have A Strict No Refund Or Partial Refund In Place, As The Funds Are Used During The Process. This Policy Is To Protect All Parties As All SEC Rules And Regulations Exist For Everyone's Protection. Thank You For Becoming One Of Our Participating Lenders/Investors, Our Borrower Have All Kinds Of Ongoing Needs And Requests. They Need Your Resources.