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Google Empowers India With Groundbreaking Earthquake Alert Service
In a monumental move aimed at enhancing public safety, Google has officially unveiled its innovative earthquake alert system tailored exclusively for Android
Google Expands Search Generative Experience (SGE) To U.S. Teens
Google expands its AI-based Search to U.S. teens, emphasizing safety and education, while continuing to refine the technology.
Sri Lanka social media bill : Google blamed
Google should take responsibility for allowing the Sri Lankan government to introduce draconian social media controlling laws, media expert DrContinue Reading
‘Dr. Google’ Meets Its Match: Dr. ChatGPT
Researchers are cautious about recommending that patients put their full trust in the current state of AI.
Earthquake Alert! Google Will Warn Android Users THIS way
Google has introduced an earthquake alert system for Android users in India using smartphone sensors to detect tremors, the system rapidly notifies users in affected areas, often preceding severe shaking. What's noteworthy is that these alerts are available in various Indian languages supported by Android. How does it work? Know all here., Technology & Science News, Times Now