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There Is Always A Hungrier Lender... Find Yours!
Please feel free to extend invitations to all the Fin Tech Lenders/Investors below. After you invite them, simply craft a personalized message introducing them to your anonymous profile, which could lead to potential offers for lower rates and/or new opportunities for capital from them. You can even invite additional Fix & Flip Lenders/Investors that you know! When they register and activate their ZOOMERAL subscription, we will happily reward you with $500.00 for each successful referral. There is no limit to the number of invitations you can send and the resulting earnings you can gain from ZOOMERAL. To ensure you are eligible for payment, you must follow two easy steps: 1. Visit your Promoter Dashboard (listed under “Profile Choices” on the lefthand side) and enroll as a ZOOMERAL Promoter! 2. Ensure you have an active paid subscription with a complete personal or business profile.