Exclusive Featured Bank

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Welcome to our Exclusive Featured Bank advertising opportunity. In order to not inundate our subscribers, we limit this program to one, and only one bank for each city. Regarding cost, we stay out of the way and let market participants determine the value of the each city. If you purchase a city then you will have that city for a six month time period from the date of your purchase. During your six month time period other institutional banks can bid to have the city for following six month time period. Below is where you may search for a city to find out how to purchase the advertising spot. Now, here is what our featured city bank receives: (1) all new subscriber leads will be immediately delivered to you; (2) your logo will appear on all dashboards for users in your purchased city; (3) you will be included on our Welcome Email when new any new subscriber signs up; (4) you will be identified as our featured bank for the city that would like to work with them to achieve all of their financial goals; (5) notification when one of you current borrowers creates an account and a link to communicate with them; (6) finally, all subscribers can requested consultation and profile reviews from bank officers and the featured bank receives all of these notifications.
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