Funding Step Two

It's All About Your Numbers!
Welcome To Step Two! Great Job, You're Halfway There! 50%
Welcome to Step Two of our process. You will remain on Step Two until you have returned uploaded your executed bridge loan agreement and the wire confirmation for your non-refundable bridge interest payment. When uploading your loan documents below, please upload them in one file only. The lender will need you to combine your Term Sheet & your Loan Documents into one up-loadable file. After your submission below, you will move on to Step Three of our funding process. Upload your executed loan documents & receipt of your wired payment. It is imperative that you understand that assistance is available but comes with it's own risks. The Business Expansion Line of Credit has always had, currently has, and will always have no guarantee of any kind that it will fund early, on-time, or at all. Genie Investments uses 3rd party private equity non-banking capital providers to provide us with capital to in-turn fund your loan. Any of these providers can be late on funds delivery to us or could fail and go out of business. In the event that your loan is delayed or never funds then any funds you send in as due diligence, bridge interest payment, or for any other product can be lost entirely. If this happens then you will have to hold Genie Investments harmless in any and all of these circumstances.
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