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Google Online Safety Roadshow Comes to Sheboygan
Some lessons are learned the hard way through experience, but over 650 Sheboygan middle school students might ...
Google ends assist for 1st-gen Chromecast from 2013
Google ends assist for 1st-gen Chromecast from 2013 San Francisco, Could 31 Google has ended the assist for first-generation Chromecast from 2013 and mentioned there will likely be no extra software program or safety updates. "Assist for Chromecast (1st gen) has ended, which suggests these units not obtain software program or safety updates, and Google doesn't present technical assist for them. Customers could
Playground by Google equips children with cyber self-protection skills
An “Online Safety Playground” event organised by Google on the occasion of International Children’s Day (June 1), aims to raise awareness and enhance knowledge on self-protection and courtesy in the online environment for children and parents.
Secure software needed more than security software: Google exec
Google India Vice President of Trust and Safety Saikat Mitra said we need software that's secure by itself more than security software. "Even if products are secured, we've seen Indians fall victim to social engineering attempts that...increase scams," Mitra said. "Our products are built secure by default, private by design and we put users in control of data," he added.
Gmail prevents users from 100 mn phishing attacks daily: Google
Google India Vice President of Trust and Safety Saikat Mitra has said that every day Gmail prevents 100 million phishing attacks from reaching users. He added the service also prevents 99.99% of spam emails from reaching users. He noted that India is on a fascinating growth journey and that it has 700 million internet users.